Pool Services in Lake Mary, FL

Pool Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Services in Lake Mary, FL

Having a swimming pool in your home entails significant responsibility. As a pool owner, you obviously prefer to spend your time relaxing in your water oasis instead of maintaining it.

If you are not comfortable fishing out debris and skimming calcium buildup from the pool, you ought to hire a swimming pool maintenance and repair service. If you are going away for a while and want a professional to look after your pool or if the pool cover needs repairing, you can count on West Coast Pool & Spa Services to complete the job quickly and efficiently each time! At West Coast Pool and Spa, it is our objective to provide the finest swimming pool experience possible, and we do so with every residential or commercial pool service that we provide.

Give us a call today for pool repair in Lake Mary, FL.

Our Pool Services in Lake Mary Include But Are Not Limited To:

Our specialist weekly maintenance service includes the following:

  • Vacuum or skim the pool.
  • Brush the tile and walls.
  • Empty skimmers, pump basket, and cleaner bag.
  • Test and balance water chemistry.
  • Backwash the filter as needed.
  • Add chemicals as needed.
  • Fountain maintenance and repairs.
  • Spa and pool covers.
  • Gas conversion.
  • Service pumps, heaters, and filters.
  • Repair all spa equipment.

Are you prepared to upgrade your swimming pool? West Coast Pool & Spa provides all Spa and pool services under one roof! Call us at 386-562 2193 today for pool maintenance in Lake Mary.

Why Choose Us for Pool Repair & Maintenance Services in Lake Mary, FL?

West Coast Pool Services has been assisting Lake Mary, FL, residents in getting the most joy out of their swimming pools with the least amount of hassle for three decades. We have established a long-standing reputation as a dependable Lake Mary pool service provider. 

We will be there every week if you sign up for maintenance with us. When you order a maintenance and repair job from us, you can expect it to be done correctly.

Our staff have the necessary expertise and knowledge to deal with almost any situation; chances are, we’ve encountered it before and can solve it efficiently and quickly. From pool cleaning to pool resurfacing in Lake Mary, FL, we do all.

Do you have any queries about your swimming pool service requirements? Don’t hesitate to contact West Coast Pool and Spa Service at 386-562 2193.

We offer pool cleaning, maintenance and repair services across Deltona FL, Palm Coast FL, Orange FL, Sanford FL, Ormond Beach FL, Oviedo FL, Winter Springs FL, Deland FL, Casselberry FL, New Smyrna Beach FL, Edgewater FL, Longwood FL

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